Jungle Safari

Nepal’s tropical, dense jungles are in the low land of Terai, which run from east to west on this fertile country. These exotic jungles, provide habitat for the most endangered species of wild life, the Royal Bengal Tiger, One horned Rhinoceros, the Gangetic Gharial and fresh water Dolphins. In one of these jungles, you will find one of the most exciting safari destinations in the world, Safari on the back of an elephants or in the four wheel drive to view the diverse wild life and many different species of exotic birds. Other thrills are canoe rides, jungle walk, bird watch excursion in the comfort of the cosy lodge, built out of local material which blends it well with the natural surrounding, with all the homely basic facilities. Parks and Reserve in Nepal.

Chitwan National Park

One of the most Asia’s popular National Parks in Nepal. The Park is famous for the elusive “Royal Bengal Tiger” the park habitats more than 200 One Horned  Rhinoceros 4 species of Deer, Bears, Monkeys, Leopards and many different species of mammals and reptiles, and it is also a home of thousand of species and variety of birds.

The Bardiya National Park

Lies in the west of Nepal Terai, the park is famous for viewing of Black Buck. Bardiya National Park is also a home and habitat for Royal Bengal Tiger, one horned Rhinoceros and hundreds of different species of mammals, reptiles and birds life.

Koshi-Tappu Wild life Reserve

Lies on the flood plains of eastern Nepal, the reserve offers important habitat for  different species of wild life, the last surviving population of ‘Wild Buffalo or Arna’ is found here, the reserve is also popular for many kinds of species of water birds. We organize jungle safaris in the above mentioned parks, from 1 day to one week and more on request.