Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

Explore the mystical land of the trans-Himalayan region in our Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek. The main peak and its immediate satellites take the form of a giant cross which straddles the borders of three countries – Nepal, Tibet and the once independent kingdom but now Indian state of Sikkim. Just so you know in Nepal, to the west, the Kanchenjunga and Yalung glaciers form the major sources of the Tamur River. Kanchenjunga’s dominating peak is so high that a trek to its base camp is itself a big-time adventure that keeps kicking the adrenaline rush. Trekking trail to Kanchenjunga Base Camp is quite different when we compare it with the other treks in the Himalayan belt.

Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek is a long yet significant trek as you get to experience surreal adventures along the whole trekking route. After a flight to Biratnagar we drive to this hilly town called Taplejung where we will start our long journey ahead. Isolated villages, high verdant, gleaming mountains blanketed in snow, misty clouds forming a canopy around magnolia and rhododendron forest and dramatic landscapes, makes Kanchenjunga BC Trek a perfect platform for trekkers. Primarily, on the Kanchenjunga trek, we shall walk along the fast flowing Tamor River till the settlement of Margen after which we shall depart towards the famous Dhunsa village. In between we shall pass through the waterfalls and caves at Chiruwa and fertile pastures, small villages and steep trail in some sections. The combined effects of its considerable height and isolated location, south east of the main Himalayan chain, leaves it totally exposed to the full force of the advancing monsoon originating in the Bay of Bengal in early June. Past the cardamom fields, dense forests of bamboo and rhododendron, uphill and downhill sections, challenging terrains, suspension bridges and Tibetan refugee settlement we reach Dhunsa. In contrast, Hinduism is the main religion on the Nepal side of the border, where the tiny hill villages are inhabited by Rai and Limbu farmers. Further, we trek through Miring La Pass (4,650m), along the ridges and reach to Tseram after which we ascend to settlement at Ramche, along the glittering Yalung Glacier. We trek down to Trongten, Sherpa Gaun and to Phumpe Danda, whereby we enter into the cultural trekking trail in the region. Exploring through the settlements of Kadebhanjyang and Lali Kharka, we reach Suketar. And after reaching there, we will end our strenuous trek in Kanchenjunga and take a flight to Kathmandu from Suketar.

This trekking route that offers an original trademark and diverse cultural characteristics of Nepal will need you to have above average physical fitness, mental endurance and openness to enjoy the diversity offered in order for you to really grasp the joy this epic trek. So generally Mid-March to June end & Mid-September to Mid-November are considered as the best seasons to go for Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek. So if you want to experience this surreal trek, join us and be a part of Trekking Planner right now for an epic journey through Kanchenjunga.